Transforming the landscape of Business services

Treasure Marketing Team is a leading independent one-stop-shop Business service provider, serving Global customers. United by the same mission, TMT is a result of a number of mergers between providers with a strategic fit. Decades of experience and our dedicated focus on our core business, enables us to optimize our customers’ business by offering and delivering highly qualitative, reliable, flexible and efficient solutions. We are taking an active role in our customers’ improving journey.
Our operation and strong growth is backed up by multination Investors.


We go deep to know and build a partnership relationship with our customers. We bring the right people, with the right competence and together we deliver reliable, high quality solutions. We work with our customers and we take a crucial role in their improving journey to achieve a sustainable advantage and more efficient operations. We are a trusted partner.

Values: The Way We act and the Language We Speak

Our strong culture is anchored in a clear set of values that is essential when building and growing our organization and makes us capable of making a real difference. These values will continue to underpin everything TMT does to maintain our leading position in our segment and make sure that we remain such an inspiring place to work.


We take a long-term view in our relationships and we strive to build bonds founded on understanding, trust, honesty and mutual support. We work together!


We ensure high quality by ensuring committed, competent and approved personnel aligned with our customers’ situation and demands. We measure our success by our customers’ success!


We are responsive and we try at all times to solve our customers’ needs and problems without compromising safety. We are adaptive and we take part in our customers’ improving journey!

How we work

Our proven approach has been developed over years in numerous customer commitments. As a strategic partner to changing business environment, we need to take an active role in our customers’ improvement towards a more competitive and sustainable core business. It means that we need to be both adaptive and flexible.
Flexibility means that we can provide a solution to any situation that may occur and we promptly execute without breaking and role or regulation.

Social view

Treasure Marketing Team and all its subsidiary companies contribute to well-maintained right and safe business.

  • Our organization strives to limit its affect on the environment. This is achieved through careful consideration and the basic requirement of meeting applicable laws and regulations satisfactory.
  • All employees are required to participate in our practical environmental work.
  • We develop our own environmental work and management system by continuously adding, improving and correcting in correlation with progress.

All cooperatives are in their daily work responsible for following the TMT environmental policy.